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Author Motallebi, Mohammad
Affiliation Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
E-mail m_motallebi@aut.ac.ir
Author Ghafari, Hamidreza
Affiliation Department of Maritime Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
E-mail hamidghafari230@yahoo.com
Author Ghassemi, Hassan
Affiliation Department of Maritime Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
E-mail gasemi@aut.ac.ir
Author Shokouhian, Mehdi
Affiliation Morgan State University, Department of Civil Engineering, Baltimore, USA
ISSN printed 1733-8670
URI https://repository.am.szczecin.pl/handle/123456789/2624
Abstract In this paper, the second-order hydrodynamic force on fixed and floating tandem cylinders has been calculated and different parameters have been taken into consideration. An incident wave is diffracted by the fixed cylinder, and as a result low-frequency waves radiate toward the floating cylinder and cause low-frequency second-order hydrodynamic forces to act on the surface of the floating cylinder. The interactions between the fixed and floating cylinders have been investigated by changing the distance between them, as well as the draft and radius of the floating cylinder. By employing perturbation series analysis over the wetted surface, the second-order wave excitation force has been calculated. The maximum force applied on the floating cylinder becomes non-dimensional when considering it with and without the fixed cylinder. The results showed the effect that the existence of the fixed cylinder had on the increase in the second-order forces is quite evident where, for a significant parameter of the floating cylinder, the force in the heave direction was enhanced by up to 1.55 times.
Pages 108-115
Publisher Scientific Journals Maritime University of Szczecin, Zeszyty Naukowe Akademia Morska w Szczecinie
Keywords fixed cylinder
Keywords floating cylinder
Keywords second order hydrodynamic force
Keywords diffracted wave
Keywords potential theory
Title Calculating the second-order hydrodynamic force on fixed and floating tandem cylinders
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ISSN on-line 2392-0378
Language English
Funding No data
Figures 6
Tables 2
DOI 10.17402/425
Published 2020-06-29
Accepted 2020-04-08
Recieved 2019-12-09

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