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Author Abramowicz-Gerigk, Teresa
Affiliation Gdynia Maritime University, Faculty of Navigation, Department of Ship Operation Akademia Morska w Gdyni, Wydział Nawigacyjny, Katedra Eksploatacji Statku 81-345 Gdynia, al. Jana Pawła II 3, Poland
ISSN printed 1733-8670
URI https://repository.am.szczecin.pl/handle/123456789/213
Abstract The paper presents the results of experimental investigations of the flow generated by the controllable pitch propeller. The influence of the propeller pitch, rate of turn and rudder angle on the velocity filed measured behind the rudder for two different water depths were investigated. The model tests were carried out using twin propeller twin rudder car-passenger ferry model in 1:16 scale. The results of the experimental analysis allowed for the quantitative assessment of the velocity components distribution. The predicted flow field generated by the propellers near the quay wall during unberthing has been computed using CFD methods
Pages 5–12
Publisher Scientific Journals of the Maritime University of Szczecin, Zeszyty Naukowe Akademii Morskiej w Szczecinie
Keywords propeller jet
Keywords flow velocity distribution
Keywords model tests
Keywords CFD methods
Title Distribution of flow velocity generated by propellers of twin propeller vessel
Type Original scientific article
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ISSN on-line 2392-0378
Language English
Funding No data
Figures 12
Tables 2
Published 2010-03-10
Accepted 2010-02-06
Recieved 2010-01-10

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