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  • Gerigk, Mirosław K.; Gerigk, Mateusz (Scientific Journals Maritime University of Szczecin, Zeszyty Naukowe Akademia Morska w Szczecinie, )
    The operation of offshore structures at sea requires the implementation of advanced systems for their permanent monitoring. There is a set of novel technologies that could be implemented to deliver a higher level of effective and safe operation of these systems. A possible novel solution may be the application of a new maritime unmanned (USV) surface and underwater vehicles/platforms (AUV). Application of such vehicles/platforms may increase the level of operability and safety of the offshore structures and installations. Practical use of these platforms requires the application of advanced forms of different technologies to platform structures, materials, strength of structures, applied propulsion systems, energy supply sources, dynamics of platforms, control, and communication systems. The new control and communication systems may require an application of AI (artificial intelligence) technology to obtain more advanced offshore monitoring systems. The application of the USV/AUV platforms for monitoring offshore structures may provide an increase in the functionality, performance, and safety levels of those structures in operation. This paper presents a concept for an offshore monitoring system based on the application of the USV/AUV platforms. The complexity of the research is shown by presenting the performance-oriented risk-based method. The basic information on the platforms is given. The main drivers that determine the functionality, performance, and safety of the USV/AUV platforms are introduced. A brief description of the primary operational characteristics of the platforms is presented. An example of a simple operational procedure (scenario) during the monitoring of an offshore structure is described. In the final part of this paper, conclusions are given.

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